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Thanks for the article! FYI, there is a small typo towards the end, "Product-Makret Fit"

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What would be the difference between an "opportunity" and a "problem?" Going off of Torres's definition of an opportunity as a customer need, pain point or desire, I'm having trouble seeing what would be added to the opportunity during the discover phase that would result in something different. In my mind, it feels like the "problem" would just be a re-wording of the "opportunity."

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Hi Pawel,

Thanks for the article. I hope this message finds you well.

In Exploring Problem Space, we can explore problem in 5 ways. (Performing customer interviews, Learning from usage analytics, Learning from data analytics, Leveraging other tools and

Mapping opportunities)

Except for the last one, that the others are validated with analytics data or user interviews etc. Opportunity mapping, on the other hand, seems to me more like writing our assumptions, like problem ideas without any evidence. Don't we need the first 4 in the list to validate problems on opportunity mapping that we write as an assumptions?

What are the steps after Opportunity mapping? Could we jump on solution space directly without any validation with user inout or data?

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Thanks, Pawel, I really enjoyed this. As an addition to your read materials I recently read a Jobs-To-Be-Done book that builds on Tony Ulwick's work called When Coffer and Kale Compete by Alan Klement. If anyone is keen to keep exploring JTBD It's a great book to read and I think it used to be available to read it online for free.

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