LinkedIn FAQ

  1. Can you recommend me free courses? What books should I read?

    1. I’ve collected the best PM learning resources (books, podcasts, free courses, etc., here). The list is regularly updated.

  2. Would you be my mentor? Do you offer coaching sessions?

    1. We can chat in our private Slack community. I’m happy to listen (I do not guarantee an audio/video format), give you my advice, and share my experience. All you need is a subscription (coming soon).

    2. At the same time, I cannot offer individual courses, training programs, or development plans. This might change in the future.

  3. I’d like to discuss my startup/course idea. I have a business problem.

    1. I’m sorry. I cannot offer individual consulting. This might change in the future.

  4. Can you review my CV?

    1. I have shared my advice here. I can review your CV as part of the subscription (coming soon). Please note that I won’t write it for you.

  5. Can you promote our product?

    1. If the product is good, I promote it. Like Pendo. I’m not interested in any paid collaboration.

  6. Can you be a speaker/keynote speaker?

    1. Sure. But only online. See more information.

  7. Do I need MBA?

    1. No. See: (Marty Cagan)

    2. MBA programs teach a Project Management mindset. They won't teach you how to formulate hypotheses or test assumptions. This is a waste of money. And it's not a big advantage during the interview.

    3. A much better place to start is those free resources. The list is regularly updated.

  8. Do I need a Scrum Certification?

    1. No. I made that mistake and became one of the first 300 PSPO III in the world (the highest certification for Product Owners). Product Management is primarily about Product Discovery, while Scrum is a delivery framework (with learning loops).

    2. More about Product Discovery: Product Discovery 101