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About me

Author, Product Coach, and Product Manager at Regiondo.

Paweł has 9+ years of PM experience, including 5 years of running a successful startup. He is passionate about building customer-facing tech products, sharing knowledge, and helping others grow.

He regularly shares actionable tips and resources for PMs on his LinkedIn, Twitter @PawelHuryn, and his product newsletter: The Product Compass.


Paweł is a father of two boys. He lives in Warsaw (Poland). He spends his free time training in a gym, investing in stocks, and learning about the Universe (John Michael Godier, Isaac Arthur).

Pronunciation (Paweł Huryn)



  1. Preferred platforms: Microsoft Teams or Zoom

  2. My availability (please use only to preview):

  3. Please send me an e-mail invitation and proposed topics\areas\(opt. points) to discuss at least two weeks in advance: and make sure I accept it ;)

  4. My mobile phone: +48 667 835 700

  5. I don’t need to review anything before the publication. You are the expert.

  6. Our video\podcast\talk will be available for everyone without a paywall.


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