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Pawel Huryn, Author, Product @ iDeals

With over 15 years of experience, I occasionally advise experts in the field. See my references from Manuel Pais, the second most successful book author in our domain:

The Product Compass is more than a newsletter. It’s a learning community.

🎯 My goal for the next 12 months is to help you become a 30% better PM, with at least 100X return on investment ($7,000) through articles, skill assessments, courses, community, tools, and individual advice on Slack.

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"You have the very best content on product management and magically always very topical articles for me to help me grow professionally." - Jarmo Annala


"Your dedication and professionalism as a Product Manager are truly inspiring! The insightful materials have been instrumental in helping me assess my competency levels, identify areas for improvement, and acquire structured learning resources." - Anna Hotsa


"Pawel, You are a multi-disciplined curator and creator that brings things together. You make the complex easier to understand and then apply to our own needs. Thank you, Mike" - Michael Eagan


"I found Pawel's substack to be the best place to both start and grow in my Product career. Invaluable resources all in all and just simple great content on all things Product. Thank you Pawel, for putting all of this together!" - Bilal Sheikh


"Follow on LinkedIn, love the simplicity of TPC messaging and graphics. Keep up the great work! New to PM role and learning on the job at a startup." - Jordan Houston


"It is one of the only product management resources I've seen that provides practical advice and tools, not just high-level strategy and theory." - Avital


"It is helping me discover the different aspects of Product Management and give an identity/tag to my past experiences, that I can use to prep for new job interviews and identify areas for growth." - Rohit


"Having spent many years in Product, often blazing my own path, the resources that you've compiled are a breath of fresh air. We've a plethora of options for executing on our work, but the way in which you've organized everything makes finding resources and learning new things so easy. Well done." - Joe Minock


"Appreciate what you're doing for PMs. As there is no formal education to be PMs, your writings and insights are truly invaluable resources shedding light into the darkness, bringing clarity into the chaos." - Yonathan Randyanto


"I love how you do a great job of simplifying the landscape of the product - too many other resources only dive deeply into individual topics, and it's hard to know what you don't know! Thanks" - Sam Ollason


"Helpful and Comprehensive. Thank you for making such valuable resources accessible to truly empower product professionals" - Cam Forero


"It's the best compilation of content for PMs available and super useful for Directors to provide templates and frameworks for young PMs" - Jose Fernandez

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More about me

Pawel Huryn
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I was born in 1985. I'm a father of two boys living in Warsaw, Poland.

While product management is my passion, I also spend my free time training in a gym and learning about the Universe (John Michael Godier, Isaac Arthur).

With my wife, Anna

You can also find me here:

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